IPOS Report Tool

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This tool takes information from the IPOS SystmOne clinical reports and analyses it to produce a series of reports to help services assess their performance.  IPOS Template and generates a series of user-editable graphs. This helps clinicians by turning a large amount of numerical and written information into a simple side of A4 with graphs to highlight spikes and trends.


IPOS Report tool:

This tool is accessed through the LHITS Control Panel. [You must be logged in to view this information.]

SystmOne IPOS Clinical Reports

Download this tool and import into your SystmOne unit. [You must be logged in to view this information.]


Download the instructions on how to use extract the data from SystmOne, import it into the IPOS report and then generate your report. [You must be logged in to view this information.] 



  • “Generate IPOS Report” or “Import Data” button has stopped working in Microsoft Excel – This is likely caused by the filepath of your original saved file changing. Reinstall the tools using the LHITS Toolkit.
  • Macros are disabled – Sometimes you may need to enable macro’s in order for these tools to work. Follow Microsoft’s instructions on how to enable Macros

If you have a different issue or these solutions do not work, contact your account holder or post in the LHITS forums.


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MHRA Regulations

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