Easy Dashboard Builder Now Available

LHITS have developed a quick and easy tool to transform clunky SystmOne Clinical reports into user-friendly, customisable and printable reports, the Easy Dashboard Builder.

The Easy Dashboard Builder takes the output of a SystmOne Clinical Report and – at the click of a button – transforms it into a usable list. It does this by summarising all the information for each patient into a single row or list format, so you can see everything that has been recorded (or needs recording) at a glance. The output is also easier to print, so distributing minutes for your meetings becomes much easier.

This development is in response to a common task LHITS staff have come across in GP practices and clinical teams. Administrators, medical secretaries or practice managers often spend a day or two preparing for patient focused meetings such as an MDT or Gold Standard Framework meetings. The bulk of this is trawling through patient records, ensuring the patient register is up to date and all the information for the meeting is available.

Alternatively, time is spent in the meeting wasted as the clinicians scroll through the patient notes, looking for any updates or actions that might need discussing.

To help save time and get rid of the administrative burden the Easy Dashboard Builder reads a SystmOne clinical report and uses the Read code information contained to create an up-to-date and comprehensive Dashboard for the meeting. It is fully customisable, so you can build your own Clinical Reports, and input how you would like your Dashboard to appear. Size, wording, headers and even colour are all easily changed within the tool.

Are you interested? Download the Product Presentation here or get in touch if you have more questions!


The Easy Dashboard Builder is now available for download and trial for existing LHITS clients. Click here to go to the page.


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