Support Packages

Support Packages

High quality and efficient support for all our clients and collaborators.

Updates Included

We are constantly working to improve our products functionality and user experience. Support Package customers are entitled to free updates to any products they are using


Remote Support

We have years of experience helping and training clinical staff to use IT tools, empowering them to take ownership and improving their confidence.

Your LHITS Champion will have access to unlimited email and phone support support from our team, so they can become your own local expert. We are also able to provide a remote dial-in service, depending on your IG protocols.

In this way, we empower your team take ownership of the tools they are using, while keeping our prices as low as possible and passing the savings on to you.

LHITS Champions

The organisation purchasing the package may designate one Champion to take the lead on implementing their products and being the point of contact between their organisation and LHITS. The Champion will have an introductory webinar at the start of your contract, then have unlimited support by email and phone.

By having a local Champion you empower your staff to take ownership of a project, and create a local person with the expertise to support their colleagues and keep your expenditure down.

Our Team

We have been working with NHS services since 2011, with experience working in Health Centers, Community Nursing Teams, GP Practices, Hospital Trusts and CCGs. Our combined resumés cover 15 CCGs across NHS England, and from our humble beginnings as clinical administrators we have spent most of our careers sat side by side with clinicians.

This means we understand the day-to-day challenges healthcare professionals face, and have 5 years of experience helping resolve a wide range of problems.

Our team will be there to support your LHITS Champions, answering any questions they have and constantly improving the way we work and the products we provide.

Meet our team

LHITS Community Forums

All users in your organisation can access the Community Forums. They can ask questions, help other colleagues out or even suggest new ideas and features. The Community Forums are open source; anyone can read what is posted there but only LHITS customers can have usernames and post questions.


Training and Webinars

Sometimes the quickest and most efficient way to train people is to just show them. While Champions will be able to book in their own remote training to disseminate to their team, webinars give the option for an LHITS expert to demonstrate to a larger audience or deliver mass training to make your Champion’s life easier. Large organisations will be able to arrange up to three webinar sessions.


Customisable Packages

If our pre-existing packages don't fit your needs, you can easily expand them by adding more LHITS Champions or more User Licenses. Ideal for small or medium organisaion who want to work in partnership.

Free Products

Most of our tools were funded by other NHS organisations and are ready for use. With our support packages, you'll have the option to gain access to these tools too, completely free. We've already made them, why would we charge you to use them?