Updates to IPOS Report (15/10/18) and IPOS Timeline (22/10/18)

We have some exciting developments to our tools over the next few weeks, coming to you from ourselves and from some other sponsoring organisations. As per our license agreement, if any customer funds new development work, the rest of our customers feel the benefit, so please read this notification to learn what changes will be made over the next two weeks to see how your use of our tools might benefit.

Full Document:

181009 - Update Notification


The updates to the IPOS Report scheduled for release on 15/10/2018. These are

  • New Customisable Spider Graph, sponsored by LOROS Hospice in Leicestershire.
  • Import SystmOne Referral Data (non-Read coded), St Gemma’s Hospice in Leeds.
  • Changes to the Summary page of the IPOS Report, and the introduction of the AKPS Read code to IPOS Report, available in the Review Patients tab, sponsored by LHITS.
  • New Customisable Dashboard view, sponsored by LHITS.

The updates to the IPOS Timeline tool are scheduled for release on 22/10/2018. These are both sponsored by St Teresa’s Hospice in Darlington.

  • Option to customise whether IPOS data is grouped by day or not.
  • Colour co-ordinated bar charts based on staff or patient completion

For more detailed information about each item, please see the documentation above.


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