Downloads and Tools

From this page, you can find information about all our tools, download the LHITS Control Panel which gives you access to them. You must be an LHITS customer to access some of this information.

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All our tools are installed, managed and updated through the LHITS Control Panel.

Download installation instructions here.

St Barnabas IPOS Timeline

Take output from St Barnabas SystmOne IPOS Template, and turn it into user friendly graphs in just a click.

IPOS Report Tool

Turn your OACC patient data into a quick and easy service level report.

Identify gaps in performance and exemplary work, based information from the IPOS Questionnaire.

Easy Dashboard Builder

Turn bulky clinical reports into understandable dashboards in as little as two clicks.
Ideal for summarising patient data and running MDT or Integrated team meetings.

Downloads are only available to LHITS clients. If you are interested in using any of these tools, or having one developed, please get in touch!